Javier Cardenas v. Toyota Motor Corporation

Case No. 18-cv-22798-CIV-FAM

United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Welcome to the Javier Cardenas v. Toyota Motor Corporation Class Action Website

If you purchased a 2012-2014 model year non-hybrid Toyota Camry from an authorized Toyota dealer in the state of Florida, you may be part of a class action settlement.

Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., and Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Defendants”), claiming that Defendants violated the law by concealing a defect in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (“HVAC”) systems in 2012-2014 non-hybrid Toyota Camry vehicles purchased in the state of Florida from an authorized Toyota dealer (“Class Vehicles”).

The Court has allowed the lawsuit to proceed as a class action on behalf of all persons who purchased a Class Vehicle from an authorized Toyota dealer in the state of Florida. These persons are defined in FAQ 7.

Defendants deny all the claims in the lawsuit. Defendants contend that there is no HVAC defect in the Class Vehicles and that Defendants have not done anything wrong.

The Court has not decided whether Defendants did anything wrong. There is no money available now, and there is no guarantee that there will be in the future. However, your legal rights are affected, and you have a choice to make now:



If you are a Class Member, you may stay in this lawsuit by doing nothing and await the outcome. By doing so, you may give up certain rights.

If you are a Class Member, by doing nothing, you keep the possibility of getting money that may come from a trial or a settlement. You may also receive nothing. If you stay in the lawsuit, you give up any rights you may have to sue Defendants separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit. Because the Court has not yet determined what issues will be decided on a class-wide basis at trial, you must preserve all evidence, including documents, pertaining to your claims and your Class Vehicle. Depending on the outcome of a class trial, you may be required to present evidence at a later stage. You may have routine maintenance performed on your Class Vehicle and necessary repairs and services (including any recall services). You may also transfer ownership of your Class Vehicle; however, if you transfer ownership, it may affect the amount of your potential recovery.


If you are a Class Member, you can request to get out of this lawsuit. You will receive no benefits from it. You will keep your legal rights.

If you are a Class Member and ask to be excluded, any claim you might have will not be part of the lawsuit. If money is later awarded, you won’t share in those benefits. But you keep any rights to sue Defendants separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit. To ask to be excluded, you must act before June 23, 2022.

The named Plaintiffs (Javier Cardenas and Rodney Baker) must prove the class claims against Defendants at a trial. If money is or may be obtained from Defendants, you will be notified about further steps.

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